Minimizing Roof Repair Due to Extreme Weather

Severe Weather leads to roof repair scenarios

roof repair oklahoma cityWhen a severe weather rolls in, your first concern is to shield your household. While your house and your roof covering may possibly come second on that list, there are numerous things you can do before, throughout, and following a severe weather event to ensure your roof will continue to do its job of keeping severe weather elements outside.

Before a storm:

Examine your roof structure extensively, from the outer surface and the interior, to make certain it is structurally safe and it doesn’t have any breaches, leaks, or missing or defective roofing shingles that need roof repair.


Change lost or weakened nails in your roof shingles and fortify the location where the roofing system deck and joists intersect.

Use a caulking tool to use roofing cement to roofing shingle edges.

Utilize building glue along each side of the joists or trusses where they connect to the roofing system deck.

Ensure that your house insurance plan addresses storm damage to your home.

In a storm:

Do not attempt to repair or to take care of the roofing system in a severe storm. If the blustery weather and rain have actually already gotten worse, it’s already too late. Get inside, protect yourself and your family, and work with|handle|take care of} the roofing damage later on.

Stay inside during a storm at all times, unless you observe ceiling tiles popping off or other indicators that the roofing could break down. If that’s so, get out, evacuate rapidly and seek shelter someplace else.

After a storm:

When it is safe to go outside once again, examine the damages right away. Contact a roof replacement company quickly, so you can get to the top of their work list.

Set up priorities. If there are any significant damages or leakages triggered by falling trees, and so on, those things require to  be fixed first, prior to minor fixes like cleaning out rain gutters and drains or fixing little damaged areas that aren’t causing leakage.

Is the roofing making crackling sounds when you tread on it? It may be due to displacement triggered by strong gusts of wind. The storm might have raised the roofing, which is now attempting to settle back in place. For the security of your family and others, get your roofing taken care of now, before another storm strikes once again.

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