Oklahoma City Roofing Challenges

Oklahoma City Roofing Challenges Can be Difficult.

oklahoma roofing challenges, OKC Roofing, oklahoma city roofingHaving a good roof over your head is indispensable to a comfortable life, and Oklahoma City roofers do their best to build a roof for you that will provide exactly that. However, there are roofing challenges that both regular homeowners and the possessors of commercial properties must be prepared to meet in order to keep their roofs sound for as long as possible.

The proverbial ounce of prevention can spare you costly repairs or replacement years before the mere aging of the roof would make them necessary. Each kind of roof has its own strengths and its own possible flaws. Familiarizing yourself with these and casting a keen eye on your roof from time to time can spare you a lot of expense and inconvenience.

Home roof challenges

Oklahoma city roofing is challenging to homeowners both because they cannot afford constant inspections to catch every bit of damage outright, and because the strengths of high peaked roofs are balanced by a few drawbacks. Sharply sloped roofs are good for private homes – they shed rain swiftly in summer, and cause snow to slide off in winter.

Getting rid of snow is a vital part of home roof design, because snow that stays on the roof might partly thaw by day, then freeze into ice at night after seeping between shingles – thus levering them slowly off the roof.

Your home needs good high slope roof to avoid this risk, meaning that that slope is 30º or more. If your roof’s slope is shallower than this, that is probably a bad design, and you may be well advised to hire one of the many competent Oklahoma roofing contractors to replace it with a properly pitched roof. Shallow roofs last a much shorter time than steep ones. Furthermore, when water seeps through them, it will cause much more structural damage deeper in the home’s interior.

The steep slopes of properly built roofing presents another challenge, however. Unless the home’s shape is a simple square or rectangle, various planes of the roof will meet to create valleys. These narrow angles can collect leaves, pine needles, and other debris, which traps moisture and raises the chance of damage there. These areas should be cleaned if visible debris accumulates. When inspecting a roof to see if it needs repair, valleys need to be checked very carefully.

The challenges of commercial roofs

Commercial roofing in Oklahoma, as throughout the rest of the world, is even more challenging than residential roofing in terms of keeping it clean and in good repair. Commercial buildings are often much larger than individual homes, which necessitates a flat roof. A peaked roof would have to have a peak so low that it would be of no use, or else would rise like a skyscraper above the building underneath it to give the proper slope over a large area.

Understanding these challenges helps Oklahoma City roofing contractors to zero in on probable problem areas, plus guides owners in trying to minimize the damage caused by the special conditions created by flat roofs. Maintaining a commercial roof in good condition requires much more vigilance than an ordinary home roof, while both repair and replacement are proportionately higher, too.

The most obvious challenge of a large, flat commercial roof is lack of drainage. Oklahoma roofing is exposed to a climate with plenty of yearly variation and its fair share of heavy storms. Rain is higher and snow very low in the southeast, while the panhandle area sees less rain but up to 20” of snow in the winter. Drainage that ends up clogged with windblown debris causes water to pool, rotting the roof in that area and requiring the help of Oklahoma roofers to fix it.

These large roofs also present a challenge because they are tempting habitats to animals – mostly birds, but sometimes mammals, too. Birds will nest anywhere that looks a bit sheltered, and the waste heat vented from pipes, air conditioning units, and so forth will also attract them.

The birds themselves do little damage, but their droppings are another story. Mixed with rain, these produce an acidic slurry that etches away roofing materials and is strong enough to damage even stone, cement, and brick over the long term. If you are the owner of a commercial concern, keeping animals from colonizing your building’s roof is one of the more difficult but necessary challenges you must take on to avoid costly roof replacement bills.

Inspecting the roof of a commercial building frequently, removing all types of debris (both human-made trash and natural debris such as leaves and pine needles) and animal nests is a must for anyone interested in keeping the their structure’s roof sound. Proactive measures such as covering niches where birds could nest with screening are also advisable.

The challenges of Oklahoma roofing work

When the time comes to fix or replace a roof, a new set of challenges needs to be made. Since you will be pushing most of these off onto the shoulders of the Oklahoma City roofing contractor you hire, you need not concern yourself with the discomfort of summer heat and sun as they affect those working on your roof. Full replacement is rarely done in the winter, due to unfavorable weather conditions. Winter work is usually limited to repairs, to fix accidental damage or a sudden leak.

However, there is one matter you should take an interest in – the arrangements your Oklahoma roofing contractors make to protect your partially repaired or half-replaced roof against the elements. Leaving a roof gaping to the sky is an open invitation for a thunderstorm to come through and drench your ceilings, flooding your walls and possibly causing water to pour into your living spaces, too.

When hiring Oklahoma roofers, make sure they are prepared to shield partially completed work with securely tied-down tarpaulins or similar protective coverings. They should always cover the roof with a tarpaulin when bad weather is expected or they are not working on it (for example, over the weekend). Their preparedness to do so shows that they are professional and can competently handle the challenges of putting a new roof on your house.

Oklahoma City roofing, in short, presents many different challenges, but with some common sense and knowledge, these can be overcome. Keeping on top of these challenges is your key to maintaining, repairing, and eventually replacing your roof successfully, and enjoying all the benefits that a roof in ruggedly good condition bestows.

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