What Type of Roofs are appropriate for Oklahoma Roofing?

Oklahoma Roofing — What Types of Roofs are Appropriate for the Oklahoma Area?

metal roofing oklahoma city, oklahoma roofingThe continental climate found in the Sooner State provides a rigorous test for any building material exposed to it over many years, and a roof, by its very nature, bears the brunt of the elemental forces more than any other part of the house.

It is Oklahoma roofing that is battered by hail in the summer, laden with snow in the winter, blasted by the winds of powerful storms, and exposed to the effects of ice during the transitional seasons.

There are many types of rohttps://oklahomaroofingcontractors.orgthough your exact location in the state has a bearing on the validity of some choices. Moisture, wide ranges of temperature, and wind are the chief enemies of longer lifespan for roofs, and Oklahoma’s climate provides all three abundantly.

Artificial materials for roofing in Oklahoma

Most Oklahoma roofing contractors use artificial materials for roofs of private homes, since roofs made from these shingles are relatively cheap and often quite durable. As is the case elsewhere in the United States, the majority of Oklahoma roofing is asphalt, but you have several other choices, too. Consult with your contractor to find the type best suited to your needs.

The asphalt roof is the first choice you should consider, and it is quite possible that you need look no further. The shingles that make up this roof consist of a hardened but flexible tar shingle with many small pellets or granules embedded in it for strength and durability. Their main virtue is that they are inexpensive, though they offer moderate durability.

If ecological considerations are important to you, though, the asphalt roof is a poor choice. The substances and chemicals used in it are environmentally damaging and pollute your living space, too. The granules will eventually start to wash off and get mixed into the soil nearby. Furthermore, this type of roofing wears out fast and starts to curl, peel, and disintegrate within a matter of years. Expect frequent replacement to be needed with an asphalt roof.

The cement tile roof is heavy and expensive, but is probably one of the toughest roofing materials that Oklahoma roofers offer. The initial installation is very challenging, but neither decay nor fire can harm this kind of roof. Like all artificial roofing, it is environmentally unsound – in fact, cement works are a major source of greenhouse gasses, so using the tile encourages a destructive industry. From a homeowner’s viewpoint, however, this is far superior to asphalt.

The weight of cement tiles is something of a problem, too. You should have your house carefully inspected by a professional to ensure it can endure the load of a cement tile roof. There is no point in partly or wholly collapsing your home to get a long-lasting roof, after all.

Some Oklahoma roofing contractors offer fiberglass shingles, which surpass asphalt’s durability in several important regards. They are lightweight, so overloading your house is not a potential problem as it is with concrete shingles. They do not decay and cannot burn easily. Their main drawbacks are their ecological impact and their higher cost than asphalt.

Finally, metal roofing is one of the most durable and environmentally sound artificial roofs you can have installed on your house. The lifespan of properly finished metal is enormous, possibly outlasting asphalt roofs by 200% to 300% even in Oklahoma’s climate.

This roofing comes in many colors, and does not leak chemicals or debris into your lawn. It is definitely fireproof, insect-proof, and rot-proof, and stands up to most things that Mother Nature can throw at it. You may even be able to get a discount in Oklahoma from fire or home insurance companies, who recognize the greater safety gained by using this material.

List of commercially available roofing material

Natural materials for Oklahoma roofing

Some people prefer to roof their houses with natural materials of one sort or another. Natural roofing tends to be more expensive than man-made roofing, but has a much lower environmental impact. If you want to help keep our world habitable, this may make these shingles cheaper from the long-term perspective.
Wooden shingles, most frequently known as shakes, are perhaps the first type of natural shingles to spring to mind. However, the rough climate of Oklahoma limits their usefulness for Oklahoma roofing, despite the fact that they are also quite attractive. They need to be “fussed” over to keep them in good condition, with ongoing maintenance if you want to stave off the forces of decay.

Cedar shakes help somewhat with durability, since the oils present in cedar wood deters insects. This will keep wood-boring beetles and perhaps carpenter ants from infesting your roof, but at a high cost in both price and regular coating and other care.

The main stone used for Oklahoma roofing is slate, since it splits naturally into flat layers. Slate shingles are as heavy as cement tiles, so a robust house is needed to hold them up once again. Slate obviously comes in only one hue, slate grey, so depending on the color of your house, it may or may not be acceptable from an aesthetic standpoint.

Slate also has the unique weakness of breaking easily under even moderate amounts of weight. This means that a heavy snowfall may press down hard enough to fracture many slate shingles on a roof fashioned from this substance. Snow is heaviest in the panhandle, so this it the place where slate is least likely to be a successful Oklahoma roofing. With only 4” on average in the state’s southeast, this is the best area for slate shingles.

Balancing out your choices on the natural sihttps://oklahomaroofingcontractors.orgs. These are just as heavy as concrete tiles, and therefore cause much the same problems. However, they are hardened earth, and https://oklahomaroofingcontractors.orgnd chemically neutral. They do not need to be repaired or maintained much, though you should avoid walking under the eaves during strongly windy dayshttps://oklahomaroofingcontractors.orgmidable missile.


Clay tiles can be bought in many different colors, enabling some very dramatic looks to be created. Like slate and cement, they are immune to rot, insects, and fire, and don’t need to be maintained other than being replaced when damaged. Installation is very complex, though, so you need to find very competent Oklahoma roofers to do the job if you opt for this kind of roof.

Despite the somewhat harsh weather extremes that roofs in our state are subjected to, there are clearly plenty of different kinds of roofs you can pick from to meet your individual needs. From the cheap, fairly effective option of asphalt to the expensive but lasting choice of clay tiles, there is a covering for your home that will look good, suit your budget and your personal outlook, and keep you cozy year round.

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